Rent a living is a new community project by It is specially designed to give something back to the community.

Safmaju developer provide everyone including students, teachers, executives, working adults room on rent for houses or any other purpose. Just call or send Email, Tell us what you need, Compare our availavle list with your demand and get your room , office , shop ,warehouse or any property on rent. It’s that easy.

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Cost management

You can compare the cost of room,condominium,house,restaurants,markets,apartment including basic utility bill here and choose your one:

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Our guarantees

We don't just say we'll get it right for you — we make sure of it. Our guarantees cover the products we sell, the quality you expect, and the accuracy you deserve.

Providing discounts or any other "funny business" offer in developing can't provide quality. We're already offering the best plans at state-regulated prices.We pride ourselves on having the most accurate data in the industry, so that you can make an informed, confident decision. If you are the first to find an error on our site, we'll send you a gift card.

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